Tips to Save Money

When it comes to computer maintenance it’s very important to make sure that you perform monthly to weekly adjustments to your network and computers. This will insure that your network and computers will run smoothly time after time. It’s a FACT if you maintain your computer the life of that device will likely double, whether it’s a computer or any other device maintenance will SAVE you money.

Money saving steps:


Full Malware Removal

  • Scan in-depth to remove malware and other security threats.

Registry Defrag

  • Compact and optimize registry to increase PC performance.

System Optimization

  • Optimize and repair system configuration.

Startup Optimization

  • Optimize or delay stratup items to speed up computer.

Shortcut Fix

  • Scan and fix invalid shortcuts.

Privacy Sweep

  • Erase your activity history and surfing traces.

Junk Files Clean

  • Clean up junk files and recover disk space.

Security Defense

  • Prevent Malware from being installed in your PC.

Disk Scan

  • Scan and fix hard disk errors.

Vulnerability Fix

  • Scan and fix windows vulnerabilities.

Disk Defragment

  • Defrag hard disk to improve PC performance.