Thank you so very much for sending Charles my way to repair a desktop and phone. His customer service skills and his knowledge were above and beyond. Cannot say enough. Good things about your company. Many thanks and best regards, Nancy Blackburn.

Nancy Blackburn

We had a hard drive that had 20 years of pictures, videos, and other in important stuff backed up on. The hard drive broke, and I took it to several computer service stores to see if they could help us get our data off of that hard drive and copied onto a new one. You can imagine how heartbroken we all were when we kept being told no, it’s lost forever. And then I brought it here to computer solutions and they were able to get on the hard drive and copy everything on a new hard drive. They were the nicest most understanding people we dealt with. I can guarantee you that we will be taking any computer issues to them in the future. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Brian Schieler

I’m sooo grateful for them! My computer crashed and it had all of my school work on it. They were able to recover all of the files, and did so in a timely manner. They have amazing customer service. I would definitely recommend them to anybody having computer issues! The only possibly negative thing I would say is to be sure to call before you come because they may be closed due to making house calls.

Paul Guzman Jr.

I will start by saying this, this has been the best experience that I’ve had since I got into computer gaming upgrades and repairs. Joel and Charles are great people I feel I have became friends with these two guys since doing business with them. They are absolutely the best when it comes to customer service and their work! Both have kept it 💯 with me and I really liked that. Keep up the great work Savannah IT!

Adrian Evans

We needed the screens repaired on 2 of our laptops and had to get it done within a tight deadline. They were super friendly and great with communication. I especially appreciate their honesty with their customers, as they informed me that one of the computers wasn't worth fixing. They offered to back up the files instead of convincing me to spend extra money on other repairs. The prices were very fair, and they were prompt with their services as well as gracious when we were unable to coordinate pickup times. As a first time customer, this experience has converted me into a loyal client. These guys will be the first ones I call for any tech issues I have in the future!

Savannah Bourne

Fast, no nonsense repair. Was the only repair shop open the Friday before Christmas.

Michael Kofman

Absolutely phenomenal! I had used this service twice before and was very satisfied.

When I had a major problem with my laptop there was no doubt in my mind who to call. I was kept informed throughout the entire service experience by Megan and Dominique.

Megan answered all of my concerns as she extremely knowledgeable. I never felt rushed as she was so patient with me.

To top it all off, I picked up my “new” laptop and when I arrived home I called Megan(again)and she assisted me remotely restoring items.

I would highly recommend Savannah IT!

Pamela Graham

Computer Solutions did a excellent job with repairing my computer. Customer service was great and their technician (Joel) did an outstanding job with his follow up and helping me understand every aspect of the scope of work he did to my computer. I highly recommend anyone having issues with their computer to give them a call.

Nathaniel Gordon

I have worked with Computer Solutions for several years now. Computer Solutions has always proved to be my most reliable contractor. Migrating from my PC to my Mac was an easy process. But, more important, Joel (Director) has never let me down when it came to my business computers and network. I travel around the world and many a time I have needed computer help from afar and they were there.

Bonny Beuret

Having some issues with malware on my computer, called multiple local businesses and was given long wait times (3 days without my computer) and fees that were all over the board. I called Computer Solutions and was told about their free diagnostic test. I came by, they ran their test, and were able to get my computer fixed and I was on my way in under 45 minutes! They were very realistic in explaining different scenarios before working with my computer and their prices were more than reasonable. I will be back next time I have any issues!

Casey Welsh

Joel really understands the needs of a business! He was able to provide same day service for me. Highly knowledgable tech support that you can count on every time! His customer service and dedication are outstanding! Computer Solutions is an affordable, efficient and friendly company.

Ruthie Lynah

Needed an obscure adapter on very short notice, they were nearby when Best buy didn't have what I needed. They went into their own backstock to find it, and I appreciated just being treated like a person who had a specific need instead of a customer who needed to be sold whatever was had on-hand. Thanks!

Matt Bixler

I called was connected to Joel who said to come over and he'd take a look at my Asus laptop. I was greeted. I explained what was going on with with my laptop. Immediately Joel took a look and diagnosed and fixed. I was in and gone within 3 minutes. He also noticed that one hinge was creaking. He suggested that I take care while opening and closing. No charge. Will definitely recommend and shall return if I have a major computer problem. Thanks Joel!

Dede Mays

I love this place! These guys and girls have changed my view of computers. I don't like computers and always have had computer problems until things were explained to me in plan English. I can't thank you enough for all your help.

Charles Cross CrossFire Films

I have a MacBook Pro and some how lost all (thousands) of my work emails. In a panic I called and dropped off my computer and within a day they were able to recover all of them, plus reset my work email. They did a great job very quickly, and I didn't have to pay an arm and leg - much cheaper than corporate services like geek squad. I will definitely use them again if I ever encounter any other computer issues. Also very friendly 🙂

Lindsay Themea

My computer works great now! Fast and professional service. Thank you so much!

Christy Fleullan

I had a Mac Book pro that I took to the Apple store, they said it was unrepairable because of liquid damage. So, I had to fix my other computer.. I took this one to Computer Solutions! Not only did they fix the lap top I brought them (which only took a couple days) but the ran test's on my apple for me too! Turns out my apple worked had no problems at all. I am so impressed with the customer service of this business, and the quality of service provided. I will definitely be taking my computer back here is I have any future problems! I couldn't have been more pleased using Computer Solutions!

Kerrie Rogne

Great service from good peeps. Quick to respond with reasonable turn around time!

Kevin Flores

Joel and Parker are the men you need to see if you are having pc issues. I took my tower to be repaired because it had completely crashed on me. Joel was straight to the point about what was wrong and what needed to be repaired. Due to the time frame that I had to get my pc repaired, Joel and Parker were on it immediately. Got my pc back in 2 days! They upgraded my pc and are super friendly. Need some computer techs? Computer Solutions is your place and Joel and Parker are your guys! Thank you gentleman for helping me and fixing my pc immediately! You guys ROCK! 😎

Tamika Henderson

Outstanding service. When my computer crashed Computer Solutions did a restore and replaced a memory card for me. Their follow up service is outstanding after the initial work. Called for help twice and they took me through several things to fix what I screwed up. I will be using again.

Ken Leatherman

Great Customer Support, was able to address my computer problems and when my Comcast modem box stopped working again! They sent the Tech back took care of replacing my modem at no extra charge!!!

Joan Sumner

Great Service, Computer Solutions sent out a computer tech to my home to address my desktop computer. The person on the phone was very professional and did a followup call when the tech left.

Sam Simpson

Very knowledgable, helpful and friendly. I learned a lot of tips and tricks for my Mac just by sitting with the tech and describing the problems I was having. Great prices, and free diagnostic testing. I highly recommend them.

Karen Champion

Did a very good job finding out what was wrong with my router I needed a new one and he had a brand new Linksys in his truck very good fixed some more of my problems.

Joseph K Haupt

Just got my old Macbook pro battery replaced by them. Communicative, transparent, and efficient. Kindly explained everything they would need to do, and they were the only people in Savannah I could find who didn't either say the computer would have to be sent to Apple, or would take multiple days to diagnose (I had nothing that needed to be seriously diagnosed, it was proactive maintenance). They were also just very kind over the phone, and the others were not. Would totally bring them any maintenance/repair issues in the future. Thanks guys!

Quinn Fluet

My college student daughter noticed a sudden rattle in her laptop. We took it to BestBuy since it was still under a protection plan, and not only did they not figure out what was wrong with it, they said they would send it off for service and it would take up to 4 weeks! So I started calling around - on a weekend - and Savannah IT saved us. They took the computer and figured out what was wrong, even though they were closed. Then they let her use it until the part came in, then replaced it in a matter of hours. Saved us buying a new computer. And they were so nice and understanding. I can't say enough good things about the service we got from Savannah IT.

Page Family

Gave them a high dollar alienware laptop and it was fixed good for a reasonable cost, just took a long time.


When I came in to the store , I was greeted professionally by the staff and I told the representative at the Front Desk that I was having problems with my internet. The representative diagnosed my laptop immediately and fixed my internet problem quickly. I highly recommend Computer Solutions because they take care of customers issues quickly and effectively.

Roosevelt Emerson

This place rocks!! I had a major virus infection and had a deadline to meet on a presentation. I called Computer Solutions and made an appointment and they called me back within 15 minutes.They went into my computer online and fixed it. I made my deadline on time. I will definitely use them again if I have any more computer problems!

Lisa Good